Slogans on Number Plates - The 'Little Text at the bottom' - Legal or Not?

Slogans on Number Plates - The 'Little Text at the bottom' - Legal or Not?

Enhance your Number Plates Legally with Slogans from Nom Plates

At Nom Plates, we know that a number plate is more than just a legal requirement; it's an extension of your personal or brand identity on the road. That's why we're passionate about offering more than just standard number plates. We understand that many of our clients seek that special touch—a slogan, a nickname, perhaps even a business name—that makes their vehicle uniquely theirs. But navigating the strict rules of number plate customization can be tricky, and that’s where we excel.

We commonly get asked about slogans and their legal implications.  After all, nobody wants a large fine for that little text.  Just for you, we've taken a deep dive into the latest regulations to unlock exciting, fully compliant ways for you to personalize your number plate. Here's the scoop on how you can legally customize your ride while making a statement.

Understanding Slogans on Number Plates

A "slogan" on a number plate refers to the small text positioned at the bottom center of the plate. This text can be anything from a nickname, your own business advertisement, to a quirky quote that adds a personal touch or serves as a promotional tool. It's a way to make a number plate uniquely yours or to convey a message to other drivers and observers.

Breaking the Mould: A pair of custom crafted show plates with EV Badges and slogan integrated within the 4D laser cut border.

Breaking the Mould: A pair of custom crafted show plates with EV Badges and slogan integrated within the 4D laser cut border.The Standard in Number Plate Branding

Typically, standard number plate manufacturers may use this space to place their large, and often unsightly, logos or brand names. This common practice not only uses up valuable space for personalization but also imposes a visual element that many vehicle owners may not prefer.

Legal Requirements and Nom Plates’ Approach

You might wonder, isn't it a legal requirement to include the plate manufacturer's name, postcode, and the British Standard (BS AU) number on the plate? Indeed, it is mandatory to display this information, but the law does not stipulate that these details must be prominently displayed in the center of the plate.

At Nom Plates, we challenge the norm by designing plates that our customers love and cherish. We ensure that all legal markings, including our name and the BS AU number, are present, but we do so discreetly. Instead of dominating the valuable space at the bottom center of the plate, we position these details subtly in small text on the bottom right-hand side. This approach leaves ample room for you to add a personal slogan without the clutter of overt branding.

This method allows our plates to not only comply with the legal requirements but also cater to the aesthetic preferences of our customers, ensuring that the plates enhance the look of their vehicles rather than detract from it. Whether you choose to flaunt a personal slogan or keep it simple, Nom Plates ensures your vehicle's identity is both unique and lawful.


Understated Elegance: Laser engraved slogan for a subtle appearance.


Understated Elegance: Laser engraved slogan for a subtle appearance.


Understanding the Legal Landscape for Number Plate Customization

In the UK, the personalization of number plates is not just about vehicle identification but also about individual expression. However, adhering to specific legal requirements ensures that this customization does not interfere with the plate's primary purpose. Here are the key stipulations from official government sources and legislation:

  • Standard Plate Height: While the typical height of a number plate is 111mm, this measurement isn't explicitly mandated in official documents. It's a common size that accommodates the required elements neatly.

  • Character Height: The characters on the plate must be exactly 79mm tall, ensuring visibility and compliance with automatic recognition systems.

  • Margins: There must be a minimum margin of 11mm at the top and the bottom of the plate. This is crucial for maintaining the distinctiveness and legibility of the registration number.

  • Font and Legibility: The font size and style are regulated to ensure that the number plate is easily readable. This includes a prohibition on embellishments or fonts that could obscure the reading of the registration marks.

    For more detailed regulations, you can view the official legislation on


    What Does This Mean for Customization?

    Nom Plates is thrilled to announce that, based on these dimensions and the legal framework provided by both the legislation and the DVLA's INF104 guidelines (DVLA's INF104 Document), there is a small space that offers potential for personalization. While the mandatory margins (11mm each, top and bottom) protect the visibility of your registration mark, there remains a modest 10mm band (based on a standard 111mm plate) that could be used creatively.


    Lipped Plates: The Nom Plates Way Enhanced

    Previously, 'lipped' number plates have been misrepresented as the only legal way to have a slogan featuring.  Lipped plates feature an additional half-inch section at the bottom for decorations or slogans. However, our comprehensive investigation confirms that as long as any additional text or decoration does not intrude upon the mandatory 11mm margin and the registration number remains fully visible, such customization is typically acceptable.

    This flexibility allows you to add a personalized touch beneath this space—be it your name, your company's name, or a quirky quote—without affecting the legibility of the registration number or impacting ANPR systems. It’s a superb way to make your vehicle not only compliant but also a standout reflection of your personality.

    Loud and Proud: Extended Negative Lipped slogan to enhance the inverted negative plate style.


    Loud and Proud: Extended Negative Lipped slogan to enhance the inverted negative plate style.


    Expanding Your Options with Nom Plates At Nom Plates, we've taken this a step further. While it isn't necessary to opt for a lipped plate to enjoy personalization, choosing one can provide additional benefits:

    • More Space: Lipped plates offer more room for personalization, allowing for larger or more detailed text and graphics.
    • Aesthetic Appeal: Some find lipped plates more visually appealing, as the extra space can be used to create a more balanced or harmonious design.
    • Enhanced Customization: The additional space on a lipped plate can make your customization more noticeable from a distance, making your vehicle stand out even more.


    Your Vehicle's MOT and Number Plate Customization

    As you prepare for your vehicle's MOT, understanding what inspectors are checking in relation to number plates can alleviate concerns about customization. The focus is primarily on the essential aspects that ensure your registration number is clear and lawful. Here’s what gets scrutinized during an MOT, based on guidelines available from the official UK government MOT inspection manual:

    • Visibility: The number must be clearly visible and not obscured.
    • Condition: Number plates should be in good condition, without any damage that could affect the legibility.
    • Security: Plates must be securely attached to prevent loss or theft.
    • Compliance with Standards: They should adhere to the specified size, font, and color regulations.

    More importantly, the MOT guidelines clearly state that the garage must not check the following:

    • the supplier’s name
    • postcode
    • BS number
    • logos or emblems outside the minimum margin around the registration number

    This gives assurance that if you were to have a slogan on the bottom of your plate, the garage would have zero grounds to raise an issue provided it is at least 11mm away from the registration number itself.

    Nom Plates ensures that all our custom options are designed not only to enhance the aesthetic of your vehicle but also to comply fully with MOT standards and regulations. With our plates, you can express your unique style without worrying about MOT failures due to plate customization. Whether you’re adding a touch of personal flair or a professional brand statement, we’ve got the expertise to help you do it right.

    Tailor Your Tag with Nom Plates

    Why settle for a standard when you can personalize? With Nom Plates, not only are you guaranteed a number plate that meets all legal requirements, but you also get the chance to infuse a bit of your personality into it. Whether you're looking to promote your business or just add a personal touch, we've got you covered. Our team is dedicated to ensuring that your number plate is not just a legal requirement but a statement of your individuality.

    Explore our range today and discover how easy and fun it is to personalize your vehicle legally and stylishly with Nom Plates! Visit our website or contact our experts for more information on how you can make the most out of your number plate customization.

    At Nom Plates, it's not just about selling number plates; it's about delivering a bespoke identity for your vehicle. Let's drive your individuality forward, together.

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