The Complete Guide to 4D Number Plates in 2024: DVLA, MOT, Legality, Functionality and Aesthetics

Understanding 4D Number Plates

4D number plates elevate the traditional plate design with their raised lettering, offering a distinctive, tactile aesthetic. At Nom Plates, we craft these with a variety of materials, including popular styles like gel, acrylic, ghost, and the unique inverted negative, catering to diverse preferences and ensuring your vehicle stands out with a personalized touch.

Legality in the UK and Europe

4D number plates are fully legal in the UK, adhering to DVLA standards for font, size, and spacing. For those venturing outside the UK, rest assured, 4D plates from the UK won't pose issues, given their legality in the origin country. We recommend adding a UK flag to your plate for international travel, eliminating the need for additional stickers on your vehicle.

Avoiding Traffic Cameras and ULEZ

Nom Plates ensures all our 4D plates are ANPR camera friendly, allowing you to drive with confidence. Beware of products claiming anti-camera capabilities; these are not only misleading but could lead to legal troubles. Remember, if you can see the plate, so can enforcement cameras. Attempting to evade detection could result in severe penalties, far outweighing any initial fine.

MOT Compliance

4D number plates from Nom Plates meet all MOT requirements, ensuring a hassle-free inspection. For detailed regulations, visit the MOT requirements for number plates. Even our show plates, sans the manufacturer's mark, pass MOT, provided they're undamaged and maintain legal character spacing. Altered plates, however, risk MOT failure.

Making and Fitting 4D Plates

At Nom Plates, we not only supply a diverse range of 4D plates but also offer various fixing methods and attachments, accommodating everything from daily drivers to show cars. Our solutions cater to those who may need to frequently remove or change plates, providing flexibility and ease of use.

Purchasing 4D Number Plates

Nom Plates is your one-stop shop for road-legal 4D plates, offering a swift turnaround of one working day post-documentation. Choosing the style that best suits your vehicle might be your only challenge, given our extensive selection. Just provide proof of registration and ID, and we'll handle the rest.


Nom Plates is dedicated to providing premium 4D number plates, combining quality, compliance, and style. With our easy ordering process and quick turnaround, enhancing your vehicle's appearance has never been simpler. Explore our wide range and find the perfect plate to express your unique style.

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