Set of Triple Thick 7mm Chunky 4D Gel Number Plates

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Discover the ultimate perfect fusion of elegance and durability with our Triple Thick 7mm Gel Number Plates. These plates feature a robust 5mm acrylic base, topped with a sleek, smooth gel finish, offering an unmatched depth and clarity that truly sets your vehicle apart. Perfect for those who demand both style and substance, these plates are designed to make a statement on the road. Step up your plate game and experience the blend of cutting-edge technology and premium aesthetics.

Key Features:

  • Depth and Dimension: A combined 7mm thickness with the 3D effect of the gel layer offers exceptional depth and visibility.
  • UV Resistant: Ensures the plate's vibrancy remains untouched, even on the sunniest days.
  • Waterproof: Designed to withstand both the drizzles and downpours.
  • Robust Construction: A fusion of acrylic and gel ensures durability for the long haul.
  • Easy Installation: Get set and go in no time.
  • Customizable: Crafted to echo your individuality.

Your vehicle isn't just a mode of transport—it's a reflection of you. Drive with pride with our premium 5mm gel number plates.

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Rest assured this plate style conforms to BSAU145e and MOT standards.

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No Half Measures! This purchase includes both the front white and the rear yellow plate.

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Mumtaz Choudhry

Set of Triple Thick 7mm Chunky 4D Gel Number Plates